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For what we seek is within, and with yoga, this is where we dive headfirst! -Max Strom

The studio is open today, Saturday February 28.
Hope you can make it in for Weekend Flow (9:45am) or NIA (11:15am).  Be careful!!

STRESS RELEASE 6-Week Series will be postponed (due to black ice and refreezing concerns) to start next Thursday evening-6pm-7:15.  Many thanks for your patience as we bear with this weather.

 Our policy regarding inclement weather reflects the closings and delays of Henderson County Schools.  If they are open then we will be, too!  Our highest priority is to keep you safe.  Stay warm!

Monday evening and Wednesday morning
"Start-Up Yoga" Workshops and will begin one week later than originally scheduled at the same times.
 Stress Release Workshop will also begin 1 week later.   We will update you on other workshop start dates that may also be affected by the weather as it unfolds.  We appreciate you being so patient!   

Students, remember that your class package expiration dates extend as we're closed for inclement weather. Please note this change on your card when you return to class.


6-7:30 pm on Friday 6th March

Come bask in the healing touch of Partner Yoga with your favorite yoga pal.  Build trust and communication skills as you stretch more deeply than you would on your own.  We provide pizza (GF option, too) and drinks!  Please bring your own adult beverage if you'd like.  Only $24/couple for this guaranteed fun event!

EFT Workshop   
Special 4 Week Series Will Be Postponed Because of Inclement Weather Last Week
Mon 6:45pm - 7:45pm    
Special price of $32 for 4 sessions

Will keep you posted on the rescheduling of this event

The goal of this workshop is to empower you to heal yourself. Each class will focus on a specific emotion that will be explored. Taught by Shannon Buck.
March 2- Resentment   March 9- Sadness     
March 16- Anger          March 23 - Jealousy


Reiki 1 Training   Saturday 2 Part Workshop 
Postponed due to weather disruptions. Will update you as we reschedule this.
 Saturday   1-4pm
Special Rate of $45 for the 6 hour  training

After this training, participants will receive their Reiki Master 
Level 1 designation.  Taught by Shannon Buck.
Note: the hours and cost for this training have been adjusted from the February newsletter sent out on Feb 3. Apologies for any inconvenience.

6 Week Series with Vicki

Monday Feb 23-March 30    5:15-6:30pm
$48 for 6 classes- register now to save your spot!

Wednesday Feb 25-April 1   9:45 - 11:00am
$48 for 6 classes- register now to save your spot!

6 Week Series with Marian & Colleen
Wednesday Feb 25  11:30-12:30pm
(runs through April 1)
$48 for 6 classes- register now to save your spot!

Special 6 Week Series with Alex
Thurs 6:00pm-7:15pm    Feb 19-March 26
$48 for 6 Classes

Learn yogic techniques for coping with and healing stress..  These techniques are designed to move you through the state of tension into a place of mental, emotional, and energetic stability and peace.  Additionally, we'll learn about the nature of stress and its triggers, as well as lifestyle changes and self-care techniques you can employ to maintain your bliss homeostasis.
This series includes specific asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation techniques that will unlock the mechanisms of stress response and offer skillful measures to guide you back to grounded tranquility.

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